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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. 

George Washington Carver

Our story began gaining momentum over 15 years ago ... Pastor Will Marotti and his wife Ann

have had the desire and passion for a Christian school since the very beginning of New Life

Church!  As New Life Church has grown and expanded its outreach programs over the years,

the passion for the school has only intensified!


In 2005 the school was officially adopted as part of the 20-Year Ministry Plan for New Life Church.


In 2006 Carver Preschool was launched!  All the intensity and passion for excellence that New Life Church is known for has been poured into Carver Preschool!  Carver Preschool is an academic-focused program that welcomes and loves each child for the individual they are                        


The school’s name is inspired by the famous and influential agricultural scientist, George Washington Carver, who was a great man of faith as well as a highly accomplished genius.  There is not an American household that has not been positively impacted by the inventions and progressive thinking of George Washington Carver. Carver was born into very humble beginnings but was inspired by his devoted Christian mother who believed in the power of knowledge and personal ambition.


About Us

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